Featured Artists

Featured Artist

January 2021 Featured Artist – Tisch Mikhail Lewis, also known as T.m. Lewis


Tisch Mikhail Lewis, also known as T.m. Lewis, earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 2013 from Central Michigan University and was a recipient of the Stephen L. Barstow Art Scholarship for two consecutive academic years. After graduation, they participated in residencies at Institut für Alles Mögliche in Berlin, Germany, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Summer Painting Intensive at Tyler School of Art and Architecture. They have exhibited internationally in group and solo shows and are a part of art collections across North America. Lewis currently lives and works in Saginaw, MI, supplementing their art practice with supporting community efforts toward equity. 



Art has been a constant presence in my life; it has evolved from something that I learned from my grandmother into a tool to help voice suppressed thoughts and emotions. I use it to make sense of the world around me by deconstructing my experiences and examining them in terms of sociological theory pertaining to identity, body image, race, and intersections between the three. My work also explores concepts such as grief and grieving, the idea of self and place, and the possibilities for imagery using unconventional digital processes. 


The main reason I create work is to make an impact on the viewer, be it myself as a form of self-healing or others by sharing my unique perspective. I use my body as a basis for my work, but I abstract the images to make them accessible to everyone, and to generate a type of kinship with my viewers. In a way, I use my work to try to build a dialogue of mutual understanding and respect for people of varied backgrounds.

Past Featured Artists

December 2020 Featured Artist - Katie Katie Madras Anible

Katie Madras Anible

Katie Modras-Anible is a 38 year old visionary artist from Dayton Ohio. Mom to a vivacious, unschooler, 5 year old; Shiloh & partner/collaborator with husband Andrew. She explores magick & experimental spirituality, experimental noise making, motion through poi & dance, recycled 3D pieces, & the type of 2D images shown in this series. This series of drawings/paintings are part of an ongoing group of images associated with self reflection, inner exploration, & art therapy. 



November 2020 Featured Artist - Sophie Neslund


Contemporary advertising and popular media have saturated our image of the human body as a hyper-curated, idealized experience. Now the natural body has become alien – gross and hyperbolic – something in constant need of editing. Do the bulges, puckers, and rolls of these ceramic vessels make them less delicate and feminine? My work is focused on the intersection of consumption, femininity, and regulation of the body and how those manifest within the public sphere. I confront the viewer with luscious and unabashed depictions of fatness in a sophisticated, fun, and inviting environment as an antithesis to popular media’s narrative of fatness as a morbid disease. My work engages with taboo and transgression by unapologetically displaying fat bodies, but uses humor to address these topics in a way that is accessible to those unfamiliar with the discourse. 


My more recent functional work responds to the training of fat people to try and shrink themselves, both physically and visually. Instead of shrinking from the spotlight, my vessels are bright and bold – demanding that they have your attention. Because of their scale, the vessels take up their owed space and then some. Now it is the viewer that must shrink and navigate around the work. The physicality of creation, transportation, and installation mimics the experience of fat people trying to navigate in an environment not designed for them. Special considerations must be made. My work acts to assert that fatness and femininity are not mutually exclusive concepts, and that fat is not a thing to be ashamed of.



September 2020 Featured Artist - Molly jo burke

Molly Jo Burke, b. 1984, is a Columbus, Ohio based artist and educator. She creates artwork concerned with issues of growth and preservation using traditional and non-traditional art materials. Works on closer examination explore life, death, and the fringe of where our need to preserve the dead and science meet. Burke is inspired by cells, tumors, objects that have been lost or forgotten, cataloguing of specimens, and the architecture created by living organisms. Burke received her BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design (2006), MFA with a focus in glass sculpture from The Ohio State University (2009), in 2019 she accepted the prestigious Barnett Fellowship from The Ohio State University’s Arts Administration Education and Policy Program to pursue her PhD. She has taught at The Ohio State University, Columbus College of Art & Design, and Corning Museum of Glass. Her work has been featured nationally and internationally, most recently at Toledo Museum of Art, Illinois Wesleyan University, Columbus Museum of Art, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.


August 2020 Featured Artist - Deja Patterson

Deja Patterson is a Mississippi native who is currently based in Queens, New York. She is a
painter and photographer who addresses societal discrimination against plus sized women
through her work. Voluptuous women are prominent in her examinations of body image, race
and sexuality.




JuLY 2020 Featured Artist - Anne Sturgeon

Anne Sturgeon is a nonbinary artist based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They currently attend the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) where they are pursuing a Bachelor’s in fine arts. Their current work Please Give Me Room (To Exist) exists in two separate photo series and focuses on the experience of being non-binary and what it means to exist in this body, and what it means to be in a cis-hetero presenting relationship. They document both the mundane and moments where their body needs to take up space, creating photos that are uninhibited. This work follows their journey to become comfortable in their body, questioning what non-binary looks like and how they can normalize their own body creating a space in which it can exist in.



June 2020 Featured Artist - Julie Morrill

This body of work represents my investigation into how the interior experience of the artist is made exterior, then, how that experience is shared, interpreted, and felt by others. Aspects such as pattern, color, and the direct imprint of the hand, tap into various states of experience, memory, and the subconscious, through fired ceramic objects and raw clay instillations. Bouncing between objects that mimic our reality and objects that are formed from the intuition of my hand and making process, I render an experience to the viewer that is both familiar and novel, unsettling yet contemplative. The work examines both how things grow and how things decay, portraying the process of changing states of matter over time.

I am also interested in community engagement within the arts and my ceramic process. In my solo exhibition The Intimate Library of Making and Experiencing I created a library space in which individuals could explore and select up to 3 ceramic items, created by myself and other artists, to check out for one month’s time. Upon returning the object, they received a library card with their image and the information for the item they returned. This work was about changing the perspective of who can have art in their homes, what space art occupies, and what it means to share with and trust other people. Individuals become familiar with the art object while building a community with the idea that art is accessible to them, and that individuals are able to have a fluid interaction with the changes in objects in our spaces. In this way you do not have to purchase or own the object, but enjoy it for a time, that it is yours. My work seeks to curate mental and physical space through the access to ideas, feelings, and tactile interaction with these objects.